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Bold and deep flavors nestled in the heart of Tyson’s Corner.

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Home of the Smoked Prime Rib, and imaginative takes on well-known cuts, we aim to evolve flavors.

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With four distinct dining areas,  and private dining options, we are ready to host you.

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The AP flavor experience extends to every sip.166 liquors, 138 wines, and 60+ years of experience making cocktails.

a few changes due to the covid-19 pandemic.

We realize, and hope, that right now what we are doing at American Prime is the last thing on your mind, so it is with a conflicted mind we share this with you. We want all of you to know that we too are focusing on our families and safety. There are a few changes to our operations and new services we would like to offer to be of any type of assistance to you. 

Let Our Team, Literally, Bring Dinner to You.

We are providing a few full family dinner options, large enough to feed all. The same faces you see at Prime everyday, our staff, will be delivering the food to your door. Standard items on the menu are available as well. Our menu is available for takeout as well.

New Hours.

We will be adjusting our hours to an 11:30AM to 8:00PM schedule, Monday – Saturday. In adherence to government mandate, we are only providing takeout and delivery service, the dine-in area is closed.

A Streamlined Temporary Menu And New Specials and Offers To You and to First Responders.

In an attempt to stay as efficient as we can during the time we are open, we will be serving a revised menu. Most all of your favorites are still available. Please click the white link below to see our wine specials, date night specials, and feed a first responder campaign.

Enhanced Commitment to Safety.

Last and most importantly, we are committed to ensuring that if you do decide to rely on American Prime to provide food for your family, we continue to maintain the same high standards in safety and cleanliness. 

Northern Virginia Steak

local to the core

Welcome to the new American Prime website. We are thrilled to have you join our journey to provide the best dining experience in Northern Virginia. At American Prime, ensuring every minute spent, every bite taken, and every sip made is as perfect as we can make it is our mission. We are always around, please do not hesitate to ask for us.

- Joon &Wayne

no fluff, just flavors.

From our signature smoked Prime Rib, delicate Seared Ahi-Tuna Sandwich, to our indulgent sides and desserts, our focus is to deliver bold flavors with finesse.

We love food, but our wine selection and pricing is untouchable.

We believe that the pairing of food with the right wine greatly enhances the entire dining experience. While we provide a global spread of wine offerings, we ensure our pricing doesn’t price you out of trying the best vintage to date. Come see what we mean.

Tysons Corner Easter

Private dining, intimate dinners, and a bustling happy hour.

Depending on what kind of dining experience you are looking for, American Prime has a menu for you. Some like sizzling burnt end small plates with a perfect Mojito, some like a quiet environment, and some people are looking to create their own unique experience. Our team is dedicated to providing whatever it is that you are looking for.

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